CBD Dog Sample Pack

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Not sure what to choose? Try them all with a 4-pack (or optional 5-pack) sample with each of our tasty chews included.  Now your dog can try each flavor of yummy CBD goodness, though they might just like them all!  All Hand and Paw formulas are 100% THC-free.



Each of our delicious treats comes individually packed in a 10mg sampler pack.  Your best friend is sure to enjoy this delicious array of premium CBD treats made with only the best ingredients.    Each set is 40mg total and includes the following:

4 pieces of 2.5mg CBD “GRAIN FREE” Sweet Potato Bones for Dogs

4 pieces of 2.5mg CBD Apple Pie Chompers

2 pieces of 5mg CBD Oven-Baked Medium Dog Bones

1 piece of 10mg CBD Oven-Baked Large Dog Bones


For just $5 more, add-on 10.5mg of cat treats

7 pieces of 1.5mg CBD Chicken Stars for Cats


While great for first-time pet parents trying CBD, these also make a great complement to:

  • Keeping your dog calm when flying.
  • Keeping your dog calm in the car.
  • While traveling or on vacation.
  • During the holiday gatherings or parties.
  • Trips with your pup to visit family.
  • Calmer grooming sessions.
  • When contractors are at your house.
  • House Parties with a more relaxed pup or kitty.
  • Being less reactive to other people and pups


About Nano CBD

Our nano formula has up to  80-90% absorption due to the smaller “nano” particle size, compared to about 35% absorption with other products on the market.  Nano works faster, provides higher bioavailability at a lower dose, and tastes better when compared to similar products. So you get more for less, and more money stays in your wallet over the long-run… though when that happens to us, it usually results in buying more dog toys.

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  1. Jose Monzon

    Honestly, such a great product. I recommend this highly. Great customer service and we didn’t realize how important it is until we ran out!

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  2. wagenfour

    Loved the sample pack. Order came in fast and was a delight to open. My dog loved all the sample CBD biscuits and they worked really well on him. Great way to ship a product with a really personal touch.

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  3. LizM

    My dogs loves these! I just gave him some before the contractor came over to install my new front door. I can’t believe how calm he was (and he is almost never calm around other people). The contractor even asked where he could get, so I told him about your website. Will be keeping these on hand.

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  4. laura.moore2012

    A good way to try the products before making a big investment! Also gives you a better idea on the size of the different treats and if your pet will like them. I do wish there was an option to get another of the large treats.

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